QUIZ: Only a true Olivia Rodrigo fan can score 11/11 on this Sour lyric quiz

21 May 2021, 17:46 | Updated: 21 May 2021, 17:49

Olivia Rodrigo plays unreleased song

By Sam Prance

Drivers License? Deja Vu? Good 4 U? How well do you really know Olivia Rodrigo's Sour lyrics?

Olivia Rodrigo is the moment. Now, come on now! The 18-year-old star immediately became an international pop sensation as soon as she released her debut single 'Drivers License'. Since then, she's captivated fans with every song she releases. 'Deja Vu'? An indie-pop classic. 'Good 4 U'? Pop-punk excellence. And her debut album Sour is overflowing with gems.

How well do you know Olivia Rodrigo's Sour lyrics? Do you know the entire project back to front? Or have you only learned the lyrics to the singles? The only way to know for sure is by taking this quiz. Score 11/11 and you're officially a true Olivia Rodrigo stan. Can you do it?

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