QUIZ: Only people born before 2000 can score 100% on this music quiz

9 January 2018, 23:01 | Updated: 18 June 2021, 15:07

Only someone born before 2000 can beat this quiz
Only someone born before 2000 can beat this quiz. Picture: Jive, Reprise, Columbia

By Katie Louise Smith

Are you an expert?

From the '90s icons like the Spice Girls and All Saints to the Britney, Christina and Justin of it all in the '00s, this quiz will test your music knowledge – but it might prove tricky for the average 21 year old.

People over the age of 22 will find some of the answers easy, and those over the age of 25 will probably ace the entire quiz. How well can you do? Let's find out...

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