QUIZ: Only a lyrical genius can score 12/12 on this 2017 lyric quiz

7 July 2020, 14:05

2017 lyric quiz - how well do you remember 2017?
2017 lyric quiz - how well do you remember 2017? Picture: Fueled By Ramen, Columbia, We The Best

By Katie Louise Smith

But do you know the words though?

Ahhh, 2017. Seems like such a blessed year in retrospect, doesn't it?

Fiona the Hippo was born, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, Spider-Man: Homecoming was released, Beyoncé had twins, everyone helped that guy get a year's supply of chicken nuggets from Wendy's...

You know what else was good about 2017? The music. Let's see how well you remember it...

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