QUIZ: Which Miley Cyrus Are You?

27 July 2015, 17:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Whichever answer you get, make sure you twerk in celebration.

We often find it hard to believe that Miley Cyrus was once the child of an American country-singing heartthrob. Over the years, she's transformed herself from cutie-pie to classy train wreck and we love her for it. Find out which Miley you are, it'll totes change your life.

Which Miley Are You?

Wild with a teddy bear or tame and rocking' dem cowboy boots? Miley has had, like, a billion transformations over the years. Which one are you?

Miley who?

You're as cute as a button but your parents steal all your limelight. You love being a daddy's girl and you've got a smile to melt the hearts of even the most dedicated Frozen fans. Don't worry, you'll shine bright one day...

Miley the Cowgirl

Pop it, lock it, polkadot it. You've got the moves and know how to use them. You're the apple of your father's eye and your perfect Saturday night is spent chilling out in the barn with some sticky wings and a good ol' "YEEEEEEEEHAH!"

Miley the Great

There's a party in the USA and you're the first with your name on the guest list. Everyone knows your name and they all want to be your friend. You're the life and soul of every party but you still manage to call your mum before you hit the sack. You are the Greatest Miley Of All.

Miley the Wifey

All you want is to be in love and settle down... Who cares if you're young? Your bae is what you live for and nothing could ever come between you two. Nope.

Miley the Tongue

You're a long tongue. That's it. Who knew you'd become famous for licking things? Oh well, best enjoy it.

Miley the Cray

YOU'RE GOING TO REBEL NO MATTER WHAT! You're all about the shock factor and you'll do anything to get people talking. You love a little bit of bump and grind and your teddy bear is your favourite toy. NOW PUT THAT WRECKING BALL DOWN!

Your friends would describe you as...

I have no friends. I'm a tongue

Cute and shy



Your ideal night in is spent...

Out! Who stays in these days?

Hanging out with the 'rents

Hitting the red carpet with your Dream Man

Seriously, you're a tongue. You don't make these decisions.

The thing you're most proud of is...

Your tongue. Duh!

Your rise to fame

Your relationship

Your family

Your BFF is...

Your dad, of course

Your tongue. Are you getting the picture by now?

Whoever wants to PAR-TAY

Robin Thicke. And your teddy bear.

What are you most likely to have pierced?


Your ears... If your mom allows you to.

Your tongue

You were too busy looking at your engagement ring to read the question

Your favourite dance craze is...

Line dancing', baby!


Anything that involves dancing with your honey pie

That one where you pop it, lock it, polkadot it. Whatever that means.

Your favourite accessory is your...

Family. Y'all look so cute in photos together.

Your tongue

Your future husband/wife

Your cowboy boots

Your ideal holiday destination is...

The USA. Cos you heard there was a party there.

You don't mind as long as your tongue goes with you


Texas, baby!

When you grow up, you want to be...

A tongue

A wife and mother


The owner of a ranch

Your dream man is...

The one you've got. Nothing can tear you apart.

Robin Thicke. Or a teddy bear.

Your tongue

A man who knows how to line dance

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