7 Netflix Original Crossovers We Really Need In Our Lives Right Now

11 November 2015, 11:10 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

Netflix Crossovers
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Netflix, you know you wanna make these happen.

At PopBuzz, we're kind of Netflix junkies. Whenever a new original series is released, we can't help but lock ourselves away for a weekend and binge every single episode. 

The next big feature coming to the platform on November 20th is Marvel's Jessica Jones. The series, about retired superhero Jessica Jones and her private investigation firm, is a part of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe, which makes for a lot of crossover potential. Which got us thinking: What if there were some crossover between all the original series

We pitched some awesome crossover ideas for the Netflix Universe. Find out below how well they did...


1. House Of Cards vs. Orange Is The New Black

The Pitch: Two words - PRISON. REFORM. Let's say that Frank Underwood's campaign for his second term as President involves a nationwide tour of America's prisons; including (GET THIS) Litchfield Penitentiary! Come on, you're lying if you don't want to see Piper Chapman try to suck up to Claire Underwood, or Taystee try to start a fight with the Secret Service, or Doug Stamper act creepy around, like, every inmate.

The Verdict: "That idea is positively criminal. Fund it!"


2. Marvel's Jessica Jones vs. Hemlock Grove

The Pitch: So get this: Hemlock Grove is full of weird characters (some with some supernatural powers) trying to solve the inexplicably gory murders of the town. And Jessica Jones is a weird character (with superpowers) who takes on cases as a private detective. So why not send Jessica to a quiet mysterious Pennsylvania town on a case lead, where she is immediately suspected to be a werewolf?

The Verdict: "Ehhh, the whole "werewolf" thing is getting a bit long in the tooth."


3. Grace and Frankie vs. Narcos

The Pitch: Grace and Frankie are the unlikely pairing who have to live with each other after both their husbands come out as gay; Sooo, let's send them on a bonding trip to South America. They'll accidentally get caught in a wacky mix-up with cocaine traffickers, and end up meeting DEA agent Steve Murphy. He'll convince them to go undercover in Pablo Escobar's cartel, and it will go... about as well as you'd expect. 

The Verdict: "You do know Pablo Escobar was, like, a real person, right?"


4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs. Marvel's Daredevil

The Pitch: Kimmy Schmidt is a precious cinnamon roll trying to live on the bright side of life. Matt "Daredevil" Murdock is a precious cinnamon roll trying to bring the gritty side of New York City to justice. Why not mash them together in a story where someone adopted Kimmy's name to commit a series of crimes while she was in the bunker, and she needs our favourite super-lawyer to taker her case?

The Verdict: "Sounds like a regular Cinnabon of a crossover. Let's suit up!"


5. BoJack Horseman vs. Arrested Development

The Pitch: One stars Will Arnett as a narcissistic middle child magician, the other stars Will Arnett as a narcissistic animated talking horse. We actually have no idea how this would work, we just want it. WAIT, what if BoJack was the manifestation of Gob Bluth's subconscious??? Or something...

The Verdict: "We've made a huge mistake."


6. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp vs. Between


The Pitch: This one could be tough... Okay, Jeanette McCurdy's character Wiley escapes the quarantine of Pretty Lake (where a disease kills everybody over 21) and accidentally finds herself at Camp Firewood while on the run (where everybody IS over 21, but acts like teenagers). Through some hilarious antics and wishy-washy sci-fi science, discovers that... their blood is the cure for the disease in her town! (phew, nailed it)

The Verdict: "Wow, you are reaching really, really hard with that one."


7. Everything vs. Sense8

The Pitch: Suddenly, PLOT TWIST: we discover that eight of our favourite characters from all the different series are all from the same cluster of Sensates! If you haven't seen the show, this basically means that they share an internal bond of all being born at the same time, and can empathise and communicate with each other from anywhere. Suddenly the Netflix Cinematic Universe is blown WIDE open.

The Verdict: "How much of a budget do you think we even have???"