Snapchat's New Update Might Be The Greatest Thing The App Has Done

2 July 2015, 17:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Snapchat Thumbs

By Hallam Smith

Do you give the new Snapchat Update a thumbs up?

Yesterday Snapchat made changes to the Snapchat we all know and love, and it has definitely caused both some upset and some excitement.  

 Despise the new snapchat update

— same. (@elenagutbrod) July 2, 2015


— J A L E N (@Jalen__Bridges) July 2, 2015

 new snapchat update really is sum bullshit

— Lucy (@lucy_c_alderton) July 2, 2015

Snapchat have finally read those secret letters you’ve all been sending them, telling them that you need your thumbs back, so… they've responded! You can now "tap to view" instead of holding down on the screen, and save your thumbs at least an extra 10 seconds while watching your Snap. 

Not only have they updated to the touch feature Snapchat have seriously pushed the boat out on adding new friends. In the new update you can add friends that are nearby meaning that your "Squad Goals" photos can all be sent to the whole "crew" more easily. 


Snapchat have changed your face. Well, not really but they have changed your Snapcode. When using your Snapcode to add friends you can now add a cheeky selfie into the centre so now all of your friends can see how gorgeous you look surrounded by a QR Code. 

With this incredible update our thumbs have all become more accessible leading to this fabulous list of things you can now do with all that extra thumb time…

You can watch your Snapchat and do thumb push ups (putting your phone down first helps)

Thumbs UP

 Watch your Snapchat and hitchhike.


 Fly a Fighter Jet while watching your Snapchat (not advised)

Fighter Pilot

 Perform your favourite theatre performance using thumb puppets (definitely advised) 

Thumbs UP

Enjoy the new update!