Bella Thorne Goes Topless In Support Of Feminism And The Internet Is LIVING For It

13 July 2018, 12:02 | Updated: 13 July 2018, 14:12

By Sam Prance

The Disney legend is not here for your double standards...

Ever since Bella Thorne rose to prominence on Disney's beloved TV series Shake It Up, the Famous In Love star has been a vocal feminist. She's written essays in support of women's equality, she's had scripts of hits shows she's been working on edited to ensure that they are not misogynistic and she's never afraid to call out her naysers on any of their sexist bullshit. We stan her with all of our hearts.

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne. Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images // Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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And now Bella's back at it. The Scream actress never shies away from difficult conversations and she's now joined the 'Free the Nipple' movement... well kind of.

In her latest feminist act the Scream queen has taken to Twitter to post a topless photo of herself with the caption: "I could write a whole post talking about feminism and why I should be allowed to post this pic. But fuck it here’s my side boob".

Amazing. The image is stunning and there's literally nothing wrong with it but Bella's tweet proves that there is still so much work to be done in feminism. Women are still demonised for simply showing their bodies in a way that men are not. If Bella or any other woman wants to share a photo of themselves showing skin, they shouldn't be criticised for it. It's their choice and it affects no-one else.

And that's the gag. If someone else isn't comfortable being topless that's fine. Bella posting a photo like this does not mean that anyone else has to. All it shows is that Bella is comfortable in her skin and she doesn't give any fucks about what other people think of her which is a really important message. Women shouldn't be held back by double standards.

Thankfully, the overwhelming response to the beautiful image has been nothing but positive. The musician Karizma replied: "post what u want bella ur a fucking beautiful person inside and out. love u" and one fan wrote: "Absolutely love you and all that you stand for! Keep rockin it Bella. You inspire me!

Here are some of the best responses to the photo.

All of the love and support among Bella's fans is so wonderful to see.

We cannot wait to see what inspiring things the superstar does next.