Trick or treating has been banned in LA this Halloween

10 September 2020, 12:27

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By Sam Prance

Los Angeles County is asking people to take part in virtual Halloween celebrations due to COVID-19 concerns.

Citizens of LA will have to change their Halloween plans this year. Trick or treating has now been banned due to coronavirus.

Ever since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, many public events have been cancelled due to safety concerns. Not only has 2020 seen countries all around the world enforce serious lockdown measures but we've also seen stars like Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish postpone and cancel tours. Numerous theatres, cinemas and other venues have also closed temporarily.

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Now, coronavirus is threatening one of the most widely-loved and celebrated days of the year internationally: Halloween.

Trick or treating has been banned in LA this Halloween
Trick or treating has been banned in LA this Halloween. Picture: Irina Marwan via Getty Images, Netflix

Yes. Los Angeles County have announced that trick or treating will be prohibited this Halloween. They have also stated that house parties and live entertainment attractions like haunted houses will be outlawed on October 31. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, health officials believe that trick or treating is a dangerous activity under these circumstances.

TMZ reports that LA County is encouraging people to find different ways to celebrate Halloween this year. Their suggestions include: "online get-togethers, costume contests, pumpkin-carving parties and drive-by events, movie events - all of which should be from a distance and only done with immediate members of your household".


While it's sad to hear that people won't be able to celebrate Halloween as planned, it's important that we listen to the health professionals and observe social distancing while the pandemic is still ongoing.

It's currently unclear if other cities will issue similar protocols. We shall keep you posted if they do.