Jeffree Star calls out "crazy" people showing up at his new Hidden Hills mansion

16 December 2019, 15:18 | Updated: 16 December 2019, 15:28

By Sam Prance

Jeffree Star and his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt recently moved from Calabasas to a new house in Hidden Hills.

Jeffree Star is calling out people who are "driving by" his $14.6 million home and stopping to take photos "outside the gate".

Fans of Jeffree will already know that the beauty mogul recently moved house. Taking to Twitter (Nov 6), Jeffree wrote: "Next week Nathan and I are putting up our house for sale! We are ready for a big change. 2020 let’s fucking do this. We found the perfect new house only a few miles away but it’s more private, has everything we need and room to grow for our family."

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Soon afterwards, reports emerged that Jeffree had bought a 20,000 square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills with eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, two guest houses, a screening room, a games room, a spa, a pool and a two-floor gym. Over the weekend (Dec 14), Jeffree moved with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt and he has since said on Instagram that their new home is "magical".

However, there's one problem they've found with the mansion and Jeffree has now addressed the issue on social media.

Jeffree Star calls out "crazy" people showing up at his new Hidden Hills mansion
Jeffree Star calls out "crazy" people showing up at his new Hidden Hills mansion. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram

Speaking to his fans via Instagram stories (Dec 15), Jeffree explained that people are showing up at his home unannounced. He said: "Alright so we've only been here in Hidden Hills for two days and already it's been a little crazy. Now listen if you're watching this and you live in the area, my dogs hear everything. Please don't drive by my house. Please don't take pictures from outside the gate, sweetie."

Jeffree then went on to add: "I moved into a gated community for a reason. Listen, when I'm home, I want peace and quiet. He continued: "There's been a lot of people driving by... Me and Nathan are not moving into a massive house by ourselves. My assistant is moving in with us. We have two bodyguards, one of them will be living here on site. He is here right now, armed and ready, miss thing."

The 34-year-old ended the video saying: "On a real level you guys, I just want to protect me, my family and my dogs at all times so some people can be a lil crazy. I also have full security 24 hours. At my other house with the vault, there are two people that are sleeping there with security. People are crazy nowadays so I just gotta be fully protected."

Celebrities are entitled to privacy just like everyone else. Going to their homes to take photos without permission is not okay.