Kat Von D says her ex cheated on her with 18 different people

5 December 2019, 16:25 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 16:34

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe


Kat Von D might be happily married to her husband Rafael Reyes now, but the makeup mogul has really been through it when it comes to relationships. Kat has just revealed that she was cheated on with 18 different people whilst with a former partner.

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The Miami Ink star was on Anna Faris' Unqualified podcast when she started spilling the juicy details about her past relationships. Basically, Anna asked Kat to describe the worst date she had ever been on. Surprisingly, Kat said that she had never been taken out on a proper date before her husband and she had dated "nothing but jerks" in the past. Anna then said that Kat seems like a "monogamous" person, and she replied: "I would go through these consciously celibate periods in between relationships.

"But you know I dated someone who cheated on me, like, intensely. I don’t even know how it’s physically possible to fuck so many people," she said. "Well, the first batch of emails that I found were about 18 confirmed people that he had sex with during the one year that we were together."

Kat Von D attends the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala.
Kat Von D attends the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala. Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Anna then asked if Kat had an inkling that she was being cheated on. She added: "I think I was in denial maybe a little bit. I wanted this to be real and it wasn’t. I used to be a hopeless romantic."

Kat didn't name her ex but she's dated a number of famous faces including Deadmau5, Steve-O and Jesse James. In the comment section, Kat's fans seemed to believe she was speaking about Jesse, who admittedly cheated on Sandra Bullock. Kat, who was with Jesse from 2010 to 2011, had previously accused Jesse of cheating on her with 19 people in a Facebook post from 2011.

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Kat also revealed that she has several exes tattooed on her body and she's in the process of getting them all removed. "It never bothered me until now," she explained. "I don't look at the names and go, 'I hate that asshole.' You know, even though they were just total jerks. I just look at it as if it's a landmark in time.

"I don't have any resentment but now that I'm happily married I kind of don't want to look at these anymore and so I've started covering up some of them – I think my husband is happy about that."

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