People Are Pissed At Kendall Jenner For Using This One Emoji On Twitter

22 August 2017, 17:09 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 19:13

Kendall Jenner Emoji
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Oh, Kendall... what now?

Oh boy. Kendall Jenner has had to face the wrath of the internet YET again and it's all thanks to one tiny emoji. 

A few days ago, Kendall shared this gorgeeeey photo of all the sisters (and legend Kris) posing together on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter celebrating 10 years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


However, people started kicking off because of the emoji Kendall used to punctuate the tweet... or, more specifically, the skin tone of the emoji. For reference, Kendall used the fourth emoji on the scale which looks a LOT darker on a phone screen.


Some people (mostly white) also came to Kendall's defence, claiming that she has every right to use the 'medium' skin tone emoji as it presents itself as more of an 'olive' skin colour, like her sisters.


What do you think? Did Kenny slip up or is everyone else just overreacting?


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