Netflix are increasing their subscription prices and it’s their biggest hike yet

15 January 2019, 17:41

By Katie Louise Smith

Netflix's price hike is the biggest increase in the company's history and it's about to hit your subscriptions very soon.

Good news: Netflix is about to start bringing you even more brand new original content, like movies and iconic TV shows. Bad news: it's increasing your subscription prices so it can pay for it all.

Yep, Netflix is about to raise the subscription prices in the United States again and it's their biggest price increase yet. The new prices will be increased and applied to all existing members over the next few months. New members will be charged the new price immediately. The last price increase happened in 2017, which also saw UK prices increase by up to £1.

Netflix are raising their subscription prices
Netflix are raising their subscription prices. Picture: Netflix, Chesnot / Contributor

According to a report, all three of the streaming service's plans will go up by around $1-$2. The most popular $11 plan will increase to $13 per month. The $8 plan will go up to $9 and the $14 ultra-high definition plan will go up to $16 a month.

So, what's the reason for the price hike? Especially if they've only just had one? Well, Netflix are about to start producing even more high quality content in a bid to stay on top of Amazon and Disney's upcoming streaming service which will launch this year.

Netflix is also apparently in a ton of debt, which they've racked up through production costs for their original shows and movies, as well as securing the rights to stream shows such as Friends (which reportedly cost them $100m).

So if you want more films like To All The Boys I've Loved Before, and more shows like Stranger Things, then we're all gonna have to chip in a little more. Or, you know... that one person whose account you're using is gonna have to start paying a few dollars more.