There's Now A Real-Time "Pokemon GO" Map That Shows The EXACT Locations Of Pokemon IRL

20 July 2016, 12:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Pokemon Go Rare Location Map
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

This doesn't count as cheating, right?! RIGHT?!

Even though the most exciting part of Pokemon GO is heading out into the great unknown like Ash once did when he left Pallet Town on his quest to become the very best, someone has created a LIFE CHANGING map that show the locations of every Pokemon in your city - and it's in real time. 


WHAT?! Yes, if you're in London, for example, and you want to know where exactly you need to go to finally scoop that Jigglypuff, the map will tell you. Not only will it tell you the location, it will also tell you how long it has left until it despawns. (It doesn't seem to account for the Pokemon that spawn in the lures, though. Boo!)

Wanna know what's going down in London? Well, there's a Electrabuzz lurking around Westminster Abbey right now.

London Pokemon Locations Mapvia Pokevision

How about New York City? Overun with Electrodes!

via Pokevision

Santa Monica Pier in California is BUZZING right now. Hey Slowpoke!

Santa Monica Pokemon Locationsvia Pokevision

And in Sydney, Australia? So. Many. Zubats.

Sydney Australia Pokemon Locationsvia Pokevision

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Don't believe us? Try it for yourself in your nearest city, or hometown - IT'S REALLY WORKS! Find the map and find out more with Pokevision here!

Anyway, there's a Clefairy just down the road... I'll be right back.