Is One Direction's Bad Luck Caused By An Ancient Cursed Amulet?

24 March 2015, 12:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Harry's Ancient Amulet
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Call us crazy, but our theory is that Harry's jewellery might be the cause of all the band's suffering.

Things haven't been going too well for the boys of 1D recently. 

Zayn's still at home due to stress TOTALLY LEFT THE BAND, Louis has reportedly broken up with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder, and Liam has been getting a lot of Twitter grief from Directioners and Beliebers alike, following a series of poorly-received jokes.

What could be the cause of all the band's bad luck? 

Some might say it's the pressure of being young, successful and attractive males, forced to spend weeks upon months of time away from their loved ones. But we have a better theory that makes way more sense.

What if Harry Styles was carrying a cursed amulet?

No, really. Picture the scene:

Harry has been wearing his favourite bling out and about, while the band have been on tour in the Philippines. In that time, not only has Liam been acting more erratically; but both Zayn and Louis have been pictured with mystery women, putting their at-home relationships under strain.

"Accidents keep happening backstage as well," reveals an anonymous member of the tour team. "We've lost three sound guys who complained the amulet was giving off weird feedback from Harry's mic".

Harry's Ancient Amulet

"Nobody knows why he keeps wearing that thing," admits a rep for the band. "Ever since he found it in that desert they used for the "Steal My Girl" video, it's brought everyone around him nothing but bad luck."

"Experts and archaeologists have since approached Harry to study it, but afterwards they tend to disappear."

"We asked Harry if he would consider taking it off until he got home from the tour, but all he can say is 'this is my burden'. Not to mention Niall has asked for a tighter security detail while on tour; he keeps hearing voices in the night claiming 'You're next'".

Okay, we let our imagination run a little wild there.

But it can't hurt to be a little speculative. It makes more sense than the other theory we had, where the band's bad luck was being caused by Zayn cutting of his beautiful hair strand. PERISH THE THOUGHT.

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