13 Items Of WTF Pop Merch You Need For Your University Halls

28 August 2015, 14:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Britney candle

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

If you didn't have a One Direction apron, did you really go to University at all?

If you're off to university in a few weeks, you'll have no doubt already raided Ikea and stocked up on posters, family photos and Blu-Tack to deck out your halls. But wait, you've missed a bunch of stuff off your list that you NEED. Like, you won't get through Fresher's Week without this.

You will need..

This quite large Rihanna wall decal

Rihanna sticker

This Britney candle to help set the mood

Britney candle

This Beyonce wine glass for all the drinking you're going to do

Beyonce wine glass

And this "ironic" Harry Styles lamp for all those cosy nights in

Harry Styles lamp

Everyone needs Lana Del Ray inspired pencils. Giant crystal = model's own. 

Lana Del Rey pencils

No student flat is complete without a Little Mix cushion

Little Mix cushion

You should totally wear this when cooking SuperNoodles

harry styles apron


Be the coolest kid on campus with this Luke Hemmings duvet cover

Luke Hemmings bed cover

When you're getting your spread on, reach for your Destiny's Child knife

Destiny's child knife


If you like Miley Cyrus, you're in for a treat with this light switch sticker

Hannah Montana light switch

Or for something a little more provocative, try this cushion

Miley Cyrus cushion

Wall plates have become a thing again, apparently

Miley Cyrus plate

Finally, make sure you're stocked up on these bad boys.

Jls condoms