IMPORTANT: What Should One Direction Do Next?

20 July 2015, 13:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction Billboard Awards

By Alim Kheraj

Uncle Simon has said they can take some time off, so here's what we think 1D should do on their time off.

The world of One Direction has been seriously rocked in the last few weeks. 

Not only has #babygate ruined Larry-shippers' dreams forever, but the now Simon Cowell has hinted that the band will take a break following the release of their upcoming fifth studio album later this year. 

On the one hand we're devastated that the boys will be going it alone, but on the other we're eagerly awaiting the slay that will ultimately ensue when they embark on their solo careers. 

So here's what we think Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry should be doing during their hiatus.

Liam Payne

He's been called the "Gary Barlow" of the group, and really Liam is the serious one. While we're expecting an album of serious ballads and authentic acoustic guitars to appear during the break, we can also see Liam trying out some more 'experimental' things. 

For us we'd like to see Liam travel the world for a documentary series where he examines and faces his fear of spoons. 

Likewise, we're aware the he's able to make animals smile, as the below picture of Liam and a whale demonstrates, so maybe a stint as zoo keeper might be in order.

What should Liam do next?

Serious singer-songwriter album with a black and white cover.

Docu-series about his fear of spoons.

Zoo keeper and general animal enthusiast.

Louis Tomlinson

Now that the news has been confirmed by Cowell himself, we know that Louis is going to be quite busy being a daddy and we can't wait to see the cute photos of Lou-Lou with his baby. Maybe being a stay-at-home dad is Louis' calling? 

Maybe Louis will finally fulfil his dream of becoming a premiere league football star. We know he's invested in Doncaster Rovers, but could Lou-Lou be climbing the football ladder? 

Finally, we know that Louis has his own "Mystery Machine", so maybe he'll be going around the world like the Scooby Gang exposing, well, mysteries. 

What should Louis do next?

Stay-at-home dad.

Professional footballer.

Solve mysteries.

Niall Horan

We've heard the Niall has only read one book in his life, To Kill A Mockingbird. While this is kinda unacceptable, maybe Niall could launch a blog where he reads a different classic every week and reviews them. It could even be optioned for a film, like Julie and Julia.

When he was younger, Niall also had a fear of clowns, otherwise known as Coulrophobia. We'd quite like to see a series where Niall goes to clown school. We think he'd make an excellent clown. 

Niall is the band's keen guitarist, so we're also sure that he has an acoustic album of Irish folks songs is in order. 

What should Niall do next?

Become a blogger.

Film a docu-series about going to clown school.

Make an acoustic album of Irish folk songs.

Harry Styles 

Having already written a song for Ariana Grande's last album My Everything, we think Harry Styles is the most likely to continue in the popstar trajectory. He's already popular with the tabloids, and we can't wait for some more rockstar behaviour and an amazing album, too. 

Given that Harry used to work in a bakery, we'd quite like to see him star in the next series of The Great British Bake Off. Not only do we imagine that he'd get quite far in the competition, but imagine the banter between him and Mary Berry! 

After being spotted at London's Frieze art fair we know that Harry fancies himself as a bit of an art man. How cool would it be for him to travel the world going to various galleries and visiting famous pieces of art. Education and informative and we bet that Harry would bring some serious cheekiness to the show. 

What should Harry do next?

Be an amazing popstar?

Go on the next series of "The Great British Bake Off"?

Become an art expert and travel the world?

What do you think the 1D boys should do next? Let us know below or on Twitter. K, thnx BYE