10 Best Moments In One Direction's "Drag Me Down" Video

21 August 2015, 08:59 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction Drag Me Down Video Space

By Alim Kheraj

Brb, just going into space with 1D.

It's a fact that "Drag Me Down" is probably One Direction's best lead single since "What Makes You Beautiful". And, despite the odd cover art, we've been hammering the song so much that it's practically illegal. It's just the perfect length to listen to 10 times in a row, isn't it? 

The boys have been teasing the video with pictures and BTS bits of space ships, spacesuits and the fact that they filmed it at ACTUAL NASA. You know, the place where people actually send things into space. Casual. 

Now, this momentous day, One Direction have finally shared the clip and here are our 10 best bits from the vide. 

1)When Harry sings really close to the camera and his hair is blowing in the wind like ugh. 

2) When Liam is doing his cycling training and is v.v. sweaty. 

3) When Niall is in that harness and bouncing up and down.


4) When Harry faces off against a robot. 

5) This bit where Harry is chasing that camera. 

6) When Harry shares a cup of tea with the aforementioned Robot. 

7) This moment where Louis is basically a sun god. 

8) When the boys are marching along in their space suits and basically it's too much. 

9) When Liam does this with his arms. 

10) This bit where it's sunset and they're all standing there and oh.my.god. 

Watch the "Drag Me Down" video below and prepare to go into space!

Seriously, how amazing is this video!?