This Platinum "Frozen" Calendar Can Be Yours For The Low, Low Price Of 100 Million Yen

5 December 2014, 11:56 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 16:09

Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Because the world was in need of Frozen merch worth the price of a house.

If a line of Frozen merchandise from Comme des Garçons wasn't high class enough for you, WORRY NOT - we've got something new to add to your growing collection.

Japanese jewellery manufacturer Ginza Tanaka is selling a new Frozen-inspired line, which includes a 2015 calendar featuring your favourite character's from last year's Disney smash hit. 

It is 20" x 30" in size, weighs 22lbs - oh, and is made from pure platinum.


If someone you know happens to have the wealth of a queen lying around, then you can add one of these babies to your Christmas list. All it will cost is a measly ¥100,000,000. 

That works out as approximately £530,186, by the way.

And if that's a bit of a stretch for you, then Ginza Tanaka also have significantly smaller 5" and 7.8" versions available for just ¥16,000 (£85) and ¥60,000 (£318) respectively.

Or you could just ask for socks to help you forget.


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