8 Of Your Favourite Pop Punk Stars: Then And Now

29 April 2015, 17:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

WE'RE ALL OLD. But still hot.

If you loved pop punk as a teen, chances are you still do now. And while you may have lost touch with some of your favourite bands and idols over the last decade or so, they're still around and growing up with you. 

Here's a side-by-side comparison of just 8 of our faves, from the heyday of around 2005 (give or take a year) to how they look these days. You may be surprised... 

1) Pete Wentz

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

The man who almost single-handedly defined the "emo" look of the 2000's has all grown up; into, like, Nega-Pete.


2) Hayley Williams

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

Paramore's leading lady is an immortal fairy nymph who only shows ageing through her hair colour. 


3) Relient K

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

Add a decade of wisdom, and you'll be pleased to see that everybody's favourite Christian quintet are still kicking!


4) Brendon Urie 

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

The Panic! At The Disco vocalist has been threatening to turn into a hot dad for years. 


5) Gerard Way

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

Aside from the shedding of some makeup, hair and private-school attire, former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard easily hasn't aged a day.


6) All Time Low

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

The Baltimore quartet have evolved from "your dorky punk older brothers" to "still your dorky punk older brothers but also you've graduated college".


7) Yellowcard

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

The violin-inclusive band sticking together over ten years has resulted in a bit of reshuffling with members, and less of a need for ill-fititng formal attire to look grown-up. 


8) Patrick Stump

Pop Punk - Then Vs Now

Like fine wine. Ditching the sideburns, the long hair and a few pounds, Patrick is proof that the ability to pull off a fedora just comes from years of practice.

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