PopBuzz Premiere: Martin Luke Brown's "Scars On Scars"

1 July 2015, 12:23 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Black and white photo of Luke Martin Brown

By Alim Kheraj

We <3 this song too much

Rising singing sensation Martin Luke Brown has shared his new single "Scars On Scars" exclusively with PopBuzz! 

Having previously made quite the splash with his self released track "Nostalgia", Martin inked a deal with Parlophone, releasing his debut EP Take Out Of Me earlier this year. 

However, not one to rest on his laurels, the 22-year-old is already back with his new track, which you can listen to below. 

Full of throwback percussion and moody pianos, "Scars On Scars" has a serious gospel vibe going on. Produced by Utters, who has worked with Drake and Maverick Sabre to name a few, the song is all sorts of dark and we're loving it. 

Not wanting to miss out on the action, we caught up with Martin to chat about the track, new music and his favourite rollercoaster... 

But first, check out the exclusive premiere of "Scars On Scars". 

PopBuzz: Hello Martin! For those people that might not be familiar with your work, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Martin Luke Brown: So, I'm an East Midlands boy, generally a good egg and hippie hearted kind of chap. Musically, I guess, I'm rooted in soul but a bit twisted up with a fair bit of my inner angst. I'm actually fairly zen as a character though.

PB: We're big fans of your new track ‘Scars On Scars’. Is there a real story behind the song?
It's just about going through a lot of shit and struggling to make the right decisions. I know it's fairly dark, but really it's positive. 'They're telling me I'm still alive'. It's a song about second chances and celebrating life regardless of how hard it can be, I suppose. 

PB: The song is v. moody. Is it going to have an equally moody video?
Haha, yes! I can't wait to release it; it's the most badass I've ever felt I reckon.

PB: Amazing. Talking of darkness, the track is probably darker than those from your featured on your EP “Take Out Of Me”. Is this an indication of your debut album, or have you just gone all emo for this track?
When it comes to making the record, I want it to cover the full spectrum of emotions. A track for each mood ideally. It won't get too much darker though, like I say I'm a fairly happy man. Too dark wouldn't reflect me quite right, I don't think. 

PB: The track has quite an old-school vibe to it. How inspired by older music are you?
Massively. Much more so than modern music really, although both have their magic. There's an honesty to stuff before digitalisation that I love, and I think a lot of people miss. I think that's why vinyl's making a revival, you know? People are getting sick of things being too 'perfect'.

PB: You're also heading out on tour! We're not gonna lie, 2015 is looks set to be quite busy for you. Do you think you’ll find time to rest?
I'm not sure about rest! I always make time to live life outside of music too, but I'm not sure rest would be the best word to describe that. Life is for living!

PB: Talking of living, we noticed you're playing a show at Thorpe Park at the end of July. Are you a bit rollercoaster fan? 
MLB: They're alright yeah. I do love a good adrenaline rush. However, I'm more about the candyfloss to be honest! 

PB. Amazing. Goodbye Martin! 

Martin Luke Brown releases "Scars On Scars" on 6 July via Parlophone.