This Punk Band Recovered A Stolen Painting Worth £166,000

9 January 2015, 17:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Studio Fire Empire

By Jacqueline Bowerman

The new age of punk is in fine art recovery.

When a painting worth £166,000 went missing from the walls of George Rodrigue Studios in New Orleans, punk band Studio Fire Empire were on the case.

They recovered and returned the painting just hours after it was reported missing from the gallery. Apparently ever on the lookout, they spotted the stolen work of art after playing a show at renowned venue House of Blues.

Studio Fire Empire

No word as yet on what their next case may be, but we're sure they'll live up to the task.

stereo fire empire

See how the operation went down below in a video posted to their Facebook page.

Good work, guys.

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