DJ Pushes A Speaker Onto A Girl Who Was Filming Him, Then Issues Lengthy Apology

1 December 2014, 17:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ritchie Hawtin

By Jason Gregory

Richie Hawtin is pretty sorry about it.

Footage has appeared online showing DJ Richie Hawtin pushing a speaker towards a female fan who was filming his set, only for the monitor to fall on her.

(Skip to the 40 second mark to see the moment Hawtin pushes the speaker.)

The footage, which was filmed at Time Warp in New York over the weekend, is pretty dramatic and has led to quite a few tweets from upset fans - and this person.

Unsurprisingly, as one of modern EDM's pioneering DJs, Hawtin has been forced to issue an apology, telling his fans on Facebook that he was only trying to nudge the speaker nearer the girl.

"Regarding the incident at Time Warp in New York this weekend which is being posted and talked about on the web, I would like to apologise here to the girl involved. It was not my intention that the speaker fell. Only to nudge the monitors in her direction and for her to understand that perhaps she had filmed enough. I was as surprised as I'm sure she was when it moved the way it did and the top speaker fell off of the stack. For that, I'm extremely sorry and embarrassed about what happened. This was never my intention. Sometimes being in the middle of the spotlight, continual cameras and glaring iPhone lights, things can get stressful and frustrating. I'm sorry that this frustration took an unexpected turn and took away from anyone's experience of Time Warp. I have tried to reach the girl to apologise personally but have not yet been able to track her down and will continue to try to contact her."

Richie Hawtin

I think if we can all learn one thing here, it's to never - under any circumstances - film Richie Hawtin at one of his concerts. Just enjoy the music guys.


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