RIP NEON JUNGLE - A Retrospective

6 July 2015, 17:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Neon Jungle 2014

By Alim Kheraj

Pop seems to be splintering this year :(

It seems that 2015 is going to be the year of the pop splits, as Neon Jungle have just announced that they're parting ways to focus on solo projects. 

"After many honest and heartfelt discussions, we have all agreed with a tremendously heavy heart, that it is time for us to continue our journeys individually," the band wrote in a Facebook post

Continuing, they added: "This does not mean for a second we have separated! We will always and forever be in each other's lives, and ALWAYS be supportive of one another. Although this is a heart breaking reality for the four of us, it is also extremely exciting, and we would love for all of you guys to also continue our new journeys with us." 

The group are the second girl group to call it quits this year after G.R.L announced that they were splitting up last month. Not only that, but 2015 has seen Zayn leave One Direction, Blitz Kidz cracked apart  and, for a while (#trolling), The 1975 had also 'split'. 

While Neon Jungle might not have been the biggest selling group of all time, it's always sad to see a pop group fall. 

But rather than mourn the passing of what could have been an amazing girl group, let us instead pay homage to Jess, Asami, Shereen and Amira, a.k.a Neon Jungle.

The band burst on to the scene in 2013 with this absolute BANGER of a track "Trouble". 

The potential that this song showcased. Not since the Spice Girls had we seen so much attitude. 

The band's best song was absolutely "Brave Heart".

What an incredible song. 

Like all good girlbands they knew their way around a nice mid-tempo emoshe power ballad. For example, here is "Louder", which is pretty much all of those things. 

So many wind machines. 

As is required by the pop deities, Neon Jungle also knew their way around a cover and their cover of Banks'  "Waiting Game" is literally very good. 

It's black and white and therefore serious and artistic. 

Their debut album Welcome To The Jungle had some really rather good songs on it, like this one. 

It's sad to see something with so much potential not work, especially in the delicate industry that's known as pop. 

We'll never know why some groups stick and some don't, but we are genuinely sad to see Neon Jungle go. 

So, RIP Neon Jungle

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