Ross Gellar Is Not The Only Paleontologist Who Is Upset With The New Jurassic World Trailer

27 November 2014, 16:34 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ross G dinosaurs

By Jacqueline Bowerman


Important Jurassic World news: scientists are not happy. The dinosaurs are not real.

And to be honest, we are very much siding with the scientists on this one because, if you're going to make a million dollar movie about dinosaurs, even hybrid ones at that, then you might as well consult a few dino-experts before you start.

After all, it's a lot of time to be dusting crusty old bones off in the desert only for pop culture to just go, "Okay. But..."

And basically, it's not like they have a problem with the concept - they just want the dinos to look like real dinos.

As National Geographic notes, since the first Jurassic Park movie, science has moved on quite a bit and discovered much more about dinosaurs, and it is widely accepted that many even had feathers. Jurassic World however, presents the dinos to be as  "smooth as grapes or as scaly as crocodiles". WTF?

It might sound pedantic, but we mean, you're not going to sacrifice anything by having these awesome looking feathered specimens joining Chris Pratt's dinosaur motorcycle gang, are you?

Now, some paleos have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment over the movie, so for pure visual effect, we've carefully matched their complaints next to the timeless expressions of our favourite fictional palaeontologist, Ross from Friends. Who else.


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1. The thumbs are all wrong.

Yeah, thumbs do suck.


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2. And what is going on with the tongues?




Listen up Spielberg... you have until June.