7 Ways To Destroy Apple Products If You Just Have TOO Much Money

15 June 2015, 12:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Apple Watch Smash Test
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

$10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Time to smash an Apple Watch, obviously.

There are few tech brands that develop as much hype around their new releases as Apple. But when a new shiny like the Apple Watch finally becomes available, you can guarantee these two things:

  1. It will be expensive.
  2. Someone on the internet will post a video of themselves destroying it.

Apple destruction videos, sometimes disguised as "durability tests", often get a lot of viral notoriety; mostly from both distraught Apple fans and delighted anti-Apple users. Here are some of our favourite and "creative" methods of wasting literally thousands of dollars:

1. Smash your $10,000 gold Apple Watch with giant magnets.

At last, a proper use for that pair of cumbersome magnetic blocks you bought at that thrift store! The mini-explosion that comes from the Watch might make you think twice about putting one on your wrist.


2. Test its strength with knives and hammers.

"Hmm, it actually seems kind of durable... better SMASH IT SOME MORE just to be safe."


3. Literally torture it.

Scrape it, stamp on it, boil it, mash it, stick it in a stew... CNET put the Apple Watch through its paces, proving that it's actually surprisingly durable.


3. Make some smartphone smoothies.

To avoid being biased against Apple while you throw your iPhone 6 in the blender, why not use your other blender on a competing model? Best served over ice to absolutely nobody.


4. Put a drill through your iPhone 6 because WHY NOT

Laugh out loud warning: the phone's text-based reaction to being drilled might make your day.


5. Turn your iPad into a skateboard.

Watching nobly-named bros Jeff King and Chad Knight customise this 1st-gen iPad killed our souls a bit back in 2010, but a $500 price tag seems like pocket change now compared to the gold Apple Watch. Admittedly their skills both on the ramp and in the workshop are impressive, too.


6. Boil your phone in Coke because that is a perfectly normal human thing to do

Boiling Coke: normal. Wrecking a new iPhone 6: totally normal. Combining both of these things: the NORMALEST.

(With TechRax taking up like half this list, I'm starting to feel like we're just chronicling the deeds of a smartphone serial killer).


7. Just line them up and f*cking shoot them.

Honestly, who even cares anymore? Not you, you have 20 Apple products and a 50cal rifle, you can do whatever the hell you want. 



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