10 Songs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Summer Playlists

25 June 2015, 13:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Tis the season for dope playlists.

If you haven't chosen your song of the summer yet, don't worry. You're not alone. First of all, you're spoilt for choice. There are rumblings from every genre telling us that this summer might just be the most lit summer of music in a long while. 

Jamie xx//Loud Places (featuring Romy) 

if ever there was a song to be the soundtrack of a rooftop barbecue, it would certainly be Jamie xx's "Loud Places". The producer only just released his debut effort, In Colour but "Loud Places" feels warm, bright, and like a mature progression for Jamie. For a sunny day out or a balmy evening, "Loud Places" definitely does the trick. 


Major Lazer//Lean On 

Major Lazer's "Lean On" is another sleeper hit. There is something totally engaging and warm about "Lean On". The chorus feels cyclical and layered and makes best use of Swedish singer MØ's hypnotic vocals. Again this isn't a track to lose your mind to. It's definitely one for all the lounge chair users this summer. 


Twenty One Pilots//Stressed Out 

Twenty One Pilots' latest efforts are probably their strongest yet. "Stressed Out" leans heavily on the rhythmic glue that is a simple drum beat. The band tie a lot of different elements together for some pretty addictive hip hop adjacent vibes.


Fifth Harmony//Worth it

You know those songs that immediately make you want choreograph an entire 5 minute routine? Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" is exactly that track. It's just so loud, unabashed, and kitschy in a way that completely works for the girls. If you're going "out" during the summer, you're definitely going to hear this played. Embrace it.


Tame Impala//Disciples 


"Disciples" is the ultimate hazy, lazy, summer song. Not too long and not too short, Tame Imapala achieves the ultimate carefree vibe on "Disciples". This track is the audio equivalent of when you catch a nice summer breeze on a hot day. Make space for this one on your party playlists. 



I'd like to go on record as saying Beck's "Dreams" is one of the best songs to come out in 2015. There is actually nothing to hate about it. It's mid-tempo, nostalgic, and energetic enough to play around other people. The track has major mid-2000s vibes and is basically the ultimate head bopper. 

Kendrick Lamar//Alright 

"Alright" is likely to be Kendrick Lamar's new single. The song itself mixes traditionally funk and jazz elements with mid-90s hip hop vibes. Kendrick obviously goes very hard on this release, rapping ceaselessly on a range of topics. Needless to say, your summer playlist is not complete with out a Kendrick jam. Fact. 

Fetty Wap//Trap Queen 

We already predicted that everyone would love "Trap Queen" this summer so there is no need to harp on about it. To be honest, though, if you're DJ'ing a party and you don't play "Trap Queen"  then I don't want anything to do with you. Quite frankly.


Carly Rae Jepsen//Emotion

Honestly, this song is tops. Carly is having a very important career moment right now and certainly serving up enough Taylor Dayne vibes to last forever. "Emotion" is so upbeat and inoffensive that to not bump this jam at your house party should be legally declared a crime. 


Honourable mentions 
Hilary Duff//Sparks
Rihanna//Bitch Better Have My Money
Vic Mensa//U Mad 
Little Mix//Black Magic 
Passion Pit//Lifted Up (1985)