Dear Internet, Stop Trying To Make Girls Fight Each Other

3 July 2015, 17:10 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor and Katy
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

This has got to stop.

Demi Lovato released her song, "Cool For The Summer" this week and, the second it dropped, the comparisons started flooding in. "Is Demi copying Jessie J?", "Is Demi ripping off Katy Perry?", "Are Selena and Demi feuding over their new music"? 

The compulsion for the media to constantly create drama between female artists was the subject of this week's episode of Iggy's weekly twitter rant. Iggy is obviously too intense to exist amongst the general public but she definitely has a point. 

In its current form, the media environment is such that women can't create art or music on their own without being held up against one another. Even Popbuzz has been guilty of playing into the girl versus girl hype in the past. 

Even when female artists aren't being talked about in the context of other female artists, they're being talked about as the exes of other stars---which is equally deplorable. 

Taylor and Katy

It's definitely time for everyone involved to take a step back and appreciate music for what it is. Taylor Swift doesn't spend her whole day thinking of songs to write about Katy Perry; Demi Lovato isn't stealing music from Jessie; and these artists don't live and breathe to feud with one another. 

We don't have to foster a hostile environment for artists by creating unnecessary comparisons. It's okay to love "Cool For The Summer" and "Good For You" and it's okay not to think too hard about Taylor and Katy Perry.