#STOPyouarenot1D Trends As The One Direction Fandom Miss The Point Of A Tribute Act

5 January 2015, 18:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction Tribute
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Today in "Directioners Say The Darndest Things"...

Directioners Losing Their Chill

We were doing so well. I hope you're all disappointed in yourselves.

Breaking their track record of keeping calm for about five whole minutes, 1D fans once again have dissent in the ranks and are turning on each other, after semi-lookalike tribute act "One And Only Direction" has finally been spotted by the majority of the fandom - many of whom have apparently never seen a tribute act before.

#STOPyouarenot1D has been trending on Twitter for almost 24 hours (and we advise caution when reading the tag: the mix of second-hand embarrassment for the fandom and sympathy for the boys might boil your blood a little bit), following this Instagram post by the act where they recreated the cover art for new 1D album Four.


New promo image!

A photo posted by 1Dtributeband (@1dtributeband) onJan 1, 2015 at 10:56am PST

Pretty much every tweet in the hashtag is downright acidic, hating on the "Other Boys" appearances and making mean comparisons to cartoon characters. We'll share one or two of the tamer ones, that also display the *ahem* creativity of the fandom


We've previously written about Richard Dickson, the "Harry Styles" of "One And Only Direction", after his appearance at the MTV EMAs in Glasgow. Since this trending topic has come to light, Richard has since privated his Twitter. And he was funny! See, this is why we can't have nice things.

A lot of hate seems to be coming from the fact that the tribute act are attempting to look a bit like the original band (which is what a tribute act does), recreate the photos and looks of the band (which is what a tribute act does) and perform live on tours (which is what a- is this sinking in yet?).

Bands like U2 and AC/DC have hugely successful tribute acts that have toured the world and brought entertainment to other fans of the originals. Because it's not about copying or replacing or substituting; it's about sharing the love of an act in a way that many others might not otherwise be able to.

The 1D fandom can't entirely be blamed for their own toxic attitude towards "One And Only Direction"; a lot of them are very young, with an easily accessible platform like Twitter that breeds an echo chamber of approval towards some of the most vitriolic opinions, which is forever justified if it means "defending their 'Boys'". There's passion, which is admirable, and very often it's a force for good and harmless fun (remember the lamp maker from New York?); but in this case, sadly, they're missing the mark.

But until they grow up, any other budding tribute acts with names like "Other Direction", "More Directions" or "Wrong Direction" had better watch their backs.

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