'Dick appointment' tutorials are the YouTube beauty trend we didn't know we needed

27 November 2018, 12:49 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 14:18

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

You know cuffing season is in full effect, right?

The internet is full of weird and wild things, but the dick appointment makeup tutorial is the latest craze we never knew we needed. YouTubers have been delivering us the most innovative hacks since time began and now it's time to learn how to apply enough heavy-duty makeup to withstand a late-night tryst, all while receiving lessons on sex positivity, relationships, protection and consent.

Beauty guru Sarah Cheung was the creator of the dick appointment tutorial and soon sex-positive beauty vloggers were churning out their own content. With each YouTuber taking a slightly different and hilarious take in their videos, they teach us just how to nail a practical yet glamorous look that – most importantly – won't melt off while you're beneath the sheets.

The movement all kicked off when triggered anti-feminist writer Roosh V got pissed off that right-wing content was getting handed "strikes" by YouTube. He moaned on Twitter: "YouTube is handing out strikes to right-wing creators like Halloween candy, while 'dick appointment tutorial' closes in on 1 million views."

YouTubers applying makeup
'Dick appointment' tutorials are the YouTube beauty trend we didn't know we needed. Picture: YouTube/@RingnyuhShey/@SACHEU

Roosh V's efforts to shame women only drew more attention to the dick appointment makeup tutorial – and people loved it.

Other than an act of rebellion, dick appointment makeup tutorials are actually really helpful. So you get that, "Hey, you up?" text and you need to look your best. Your everyday makeup might not be enough to withstand the long night you have ahead. Help! Do I wear mascara or a false lash? Lip gloss or lipstick? And what do you even wear to a dick appointment?! 

So after examining the subject in great depth, the general consensus is a lightweight and flawless foundation, nude lipgloss (for that extra juicy effect) and little eye makeup. "You need a look that survives the splash zone," Sarah told Dazed Digital. "No, just kidding! I just think it’s whatever look makes you feel hot and fly and beautiful – your man probably can't even tell what look you're doing, but he'll be able to tell if you're feeling yourself in the bedroom."

Dick Appointment Makeup Tutorial

GRWM For A D%ck Appointment


Girl Talk : How To Get Ready For A D#%k Appointment! 💦😍💅| ((Must Watch)) !!!!|

The dick appointment YouTube community is more than a place championing hookups, and it's not about looking good for a man. It's educational, whether you're having sex or not. It's also all about looking good for yourself and opening the conversation around sex and consent, which can only be a good thing.

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