Dua Lipa says hair damage from bleaching forced her to cut new fringe

21 February 2020, 14:09

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Dua Lipa has revealed the story behind her new haircut.

Celebs don't seem to have much luck when it comes to haircuts. First, Billie Eilish revealed an on-trend mullet, which we later discovered was as a result of damage. Next, Kylie Jenner's hair stylist accidentally hacked off inches of her natural hair after she only went for a trim. Now Dua Lipa is the latest celeb that's been forced to unintentionally reach for the scissors.

Basically, Dua has been rocking an edgy short bob for a few months now, which is peroxide blonde on the top and jet black underneath. But now the 'Physical' singer has an even shorter style with a choppy new fringe (or bangs, in the US).

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Dua showed off her new look on Instagram Stories and, naturally, it looks amazing. However, apparently Dua's new fashion-forward fringe was as a result of breakage from bleach.

Dua Lipa's new haircut is actually the result of damage from bleach
Dua Lipa's new haircut is actually the result of damage from bleach. Picture: Dun Sato/WireImage, @dualipa via Instagram

In case you didn't know, bleach can be incredibly tough on your strands, making them dry, brittle and prone to breakage. It works by stripping the pigment from your hair through the process of oxidation. It's actually impossible to lighten your hair without bleach or an oxidising agent.

Bleaching your hair also damages its protein structure and makes it more porous, which means its vulnerable to the effects of heat styling. This is only intensified every time you get a bleach top up. So, the more you bleach or highlight your hair, the more damaged it will be. Basically, it's a lot.

"PSA: This is not a haircut it’s bleached breakages but I’m running with it," she wrote on her Story. In another Instagram Stories video (17 Feb) showing off her new haircut, Dua wrote: "When life gives you breakages…make bangs."

Dua Lipa Instagram Stories
Dua Lipa Instagram Stories. Picture: @dualipa via Instagram

Well, lucky for Dua, she makes that fringe look effortlessly cool.

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