Foreskin facials are the latest weird AF beauty trend and why God why?

28 November 2018, 14:05 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 17:12

A facial being performed/Kylie Jenner shocked
You can actually get a facial made of foreskin. Picture: Instagram/@georgialouisesk/E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Hollywood isn't called Hollyweird for nothing.

Some of the biggest stars have taken to having foreskin facials to defeat the ageing process. That's right, actual foreskin. So whose foreskin is it exactly? Well, here's where it gets even more unsavoury. Stem cells are taken and cloned from the foreskins of circumcised South Korean baby boys. It's then injected into the face using hundreds of micro needles.

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Created by British-born facialist to the stars Georgia Louise Atelier, there's actual science behind this bizarre beauty craze. First, epidermal growth factor proteins are taken from the dermal fibroblasts, which are skin cells responsible for generating connective tissue. These stem cells – which produce collagen (a protein we lose as we age) – encourage skin cells to regenerate at speed therefore brightening, exfoliating and healing the skin.

After the stem cells have been harvested from the foreskins, they’re infused into the skin using a microneedling technique to stimulate regeneration and collagen production. Sidenote: apparently it actually smells exactly like sperm too.


Surprisingly, the Hollywood elite are clabbering to get this treatment. According to reports, there's a two-year waiting list for the foreskin facial, which is known as EGF (epidermal growth factor). It costs a whopping £465 too. All that money to smother foreskin on your face. And where do they find this batch of foreskin because we need answers?!

Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone and Katy Perry have apparently all been the lucky recipients of the "penis facial". But it was Kate Beckinsale who brought attention to it this week, when she posted on Instagram: "After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins – frankly who doesn't?"

Granted her skin is taut and dewy AF, but understandably, people are particularly grossed out by it all.

And then there's always one...

Hollywood's quest for youth and beauty really is wild. Not only can you have foreskin rubbed on your face, there's also the bird poo facial, lamb afterbirth facial or even the classic horse sperm facial. Is there anything these celebs won't whack on their faces? Where is the line!?