This YouTuber gave herself faux freckles with permanent henna and it's an epic fail

12 December 2018, 11:39 | Updated: 12 December 2018, 12:25

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Sometimes it's just best to leave the beauty trends to the professionals.

German YouTuber Naomi Jon has gone viral after she shared a video of herself trying to achieve permanent freckles using henna. Those crazy YouTubers can't miss out on a trend, but she probably should have just stuck to a dick appointment tutorial, tbh.

Freckles were a big beauty trend in 2018 but sadly, some of us just aren't blessed with them. So we've had to fake it using lipliner, stencils, or even marker pens (we've actually seen people try this). Now it looks like we're giving henna – a dye made from plants – a try and be warned, the results are shocking.

In the video, Naomi admitted she was inspired to give herself a little makeover, after watching seeing a woman try it out on Instagram. "I saw this video on Instagram ages ago where this girl gave herself permanent freckles with henna, I loved it," she revealed to camera.

Naomi Jon with faux freckles.
Don't try this at home... Picture: YouTube/NaomiJon

After meeting the girl in person and seeing how awesome her faux freckles looked she decided to try it out herself and film it all for our viewing pleasure – yeah, she's probably regretting that choice right now.

Naomi dotted her skin with henna, noting that she didn't know if she was allergic to it or not. Within a few minutes she noticed it was burning and her skin began to get red underneath. So, a good start.

After wiping it off – or, attempting to – Naomi didn't exactly get the results she had hoped for, comparing herself to horror doll, Chucky. Not going to lie, it did kind of look like a fountain pen exploded in her face. Or like she'd just murdered someone and been splattered with blood.

Sadly, slapping on some heavy-duty foundation barely masked the dots. She then frantically looked for henna removal techniques online which included baking soda, olive oil lemon juice and toothpaste. Needless to say, it didn't work either.

i tried giving myself semi permanent freckles and now i wanna cry

Close to tears and regretting doing the freckle trial on a Sunday when she had work the next day, Naomi had a parting word for anyone thinking of following her lead: "Don't do it. I regret everything."