Huda Beauty launches Mercury Retrograde palette and it's stunning

22 October 2019, 13:01

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The real Mercury Retrograde may be a bummer but Huda Beauty's eyeshadow palette of the same name definitely isn't.

Beauty and astrology fans, get ready. Huda Kattan's Mercury Retrograde palette is on the way this week and suddenly Mercury being in retrograde doesn't sound so bad. Huda's new palette arrives on 24 October and we are living for the retrograde themed shade names like "Off balance" and "Frazzled".

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Influencer palette season is in full swing, as we eye offerings from James Charles, Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook and others. Of course, Huda never disappoints, which means that her positively dreamy new palette is here to offset all your negative feelings about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (31 October - 20 November).

Usually, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde is credited with frustrating communication breakdowns and bad travel luck, however, Huda has a different vibe in mind for her astrologically-minded fans.

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On Instagram, Huda showed off some stunning celestial looks created with shimmering blues and heavenly purple hues from the upcoming palette.

The beauty mogul gushed about the upcoming release as well, writing on Instagram: "This has to be our most amazing eyeshadow palette to date and my all-time fave!"

Fans are already dying to get their hands on it, but what can they expect from the stunning Mercury Retrograde palette?

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Huda's new palette includes four different textures in 18 colours with names like "Momentum", "Vortex", and "Supernova". Mercury Retrograde has something for everyone, including stunning matte shadows, creamy metallics, and a glitter intense colour appropriately titled "Nebula".

The palette lands 24 October and once we add this to our shopping carts we'll officially be Retrograde ready.