Every Jeffree Star palette and how to buy them

19 February 2020, 16:53 | Updated: 19 February 2020, 16:56

By Sophie Thompson

Jeffree Star Cosmetics have already produced some of the most pioneering products in the beauty industry. Following the success of his Conspiracy collaboration with Shane Dawson, we take a look back at every palette Jeffree has made...

YouTube beauty mogul and full-time millionaire Jeffree Star has broken the internet countless times with his makeup collections and penchant for a bit of drama - and already this year, he'll be releasing his 13th palette under Jeffree Star Cosmetics before we've even made it to spring.

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With over 17.4 million subscribers at 34-years-old, Jeffree (along with his pet Pomeranians) has so many beauty-obsessed fans on his side, and regularly has thousands of people on the waiting lists for his 100% cruelty free, vegan products.

He's had collaborations with fellow YouTube star, Shane Dawson, makeup giant Morphe, and paved the way for all of the influencer makeup collections that are popping up everywhere right now.

Here we take a look back at every single incredible palette Jeffree Star Cosmetics has #blessed us with so far....

Jeffree Star's career took off after he launched his makeup YouTube channel, and has since released countless collections and amassed over 17 million subscribers.
Jeffree Star's career took off after he launched his makeup YouTube channel, and has since released countless collections and amassed over 17 million subscribers. . Picture: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty/Jeffree Star/Instagram

The Beauty Killer palette (May 2016)

The first ever Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette, Beauty Killer, was named after star's only studio album, and was his first official leap into the makeup-producing world in May 2016 following his attempt at cracking the music industry. Containing ten shades in a mixture of matte, frost and glitter. It also has a rating no lower than 4.5 stars on all major retailers, so was a step in the right direction for his leap into the beauty industry. Much like Titanic, a classic.

Price: £43

Androgyny palette (March 2017)

Following the success of Beauty Killer, Jeffree released the Androgyny palette in March 2017, which similar to the previous palette, contained ten shades, but this time in warmer, more autumnal colours - or as he describes them, neutrals (don't worry, we're think they're party colours too).

It has since become every beauty fan's go-to, and is still a regular sell-out product three years on, given its timeless appeal. And the reason we get no sleep because we're in the mirror at 2am following tutorials.

Price: £43

Skin Frost Pro palettes (November 2017)

The YouTubers first dip into highlighter palettes, Skin Frost Pro were (and still are) a must-have for any Jeffree Star fan, as they're pretty much as close as you can get to replicating his signature glow at home.

In Platinum Ice, 24 Karat and Brain Freeze, Jeffree was one of the only makeup brands taking different skin tones and their needs into account at that time, and released the different shades of highlighter palette accordingly - each containing six of his iconic Skin Frost colours.

These three staples are still some of the most pigmented in the game and so many makeup brands have started copying the concept after realising that women don't just use one colour all over their face? Dimension, honey!

Originally just part of the 2017 Holiday collection, the palettes proved so popular, that they're now a product for life. Win.

Price: £37 each

Blood Sugar palette (February 2018)

February 2018, and almost two years after the initial release of his first eye product, Blood Sugar was released. As the company got bigger, so did the palettes, and this particular one contained 18 shades, mostly centred around reds and pinks for the more daring among us, and the colours of, well...blood.

It's been two years since the shadows were announced, and Blood Sugar is still super hard to get your hands on, and is currently sold out on every website. *Signs up to every waiting list possible*

Price: £52

Thirsty palette (June 2018)

Undoubtably the most beach-worthy of all palettes, Thirsty was released as part of the 2018 Summer collection, and was the lights and brights fans had been eagerly waiting for.

Unfortunately, despite its appearance on the surface, a lot of reviews suggest this is the worst palette so far, with users complaining of "lots of fallout" and colours that "blend right off".

As of January 2020, the company announced they would be discontinuing the palette, so we can only hope there's going to be a replacement incoming with a little more quality...

Price: discontinued (formerly £45)

Alien palette (November 2018)

After the excitement (then disappointment) of Thirsty, Jeffree's second product drop of the year had everyone thinking that Alien was going to be the ultimate release.

Shying away from his traditional square packaging, Alien was perfectly in time with its Halloween release, boasting 18 super-spooky shades (including all kinds of neon greens) for those who like to get a little creative with their looks - and Instagram went wild.

Thankfully, it paid off, with HUGE waiting lists and reviews on how it lived up to his original formulas, but the success didn't last long, as like its fallen sister Thirsty, it has now been discontinued.

Fans are super mad about it though, and the resale value of these palettes on eBay are around £100, but Jeffree says he's simply making way for all of the new releases dropping in 2020. We're holding him to this. On behalf of the nation, we want Alien back!

Blue Blood palette (March 2019)

The sequel we've been waiting for (no we're not talking about To All The Boys) and big sister to the original Blood Sugar palette, Blue Blood does exactly what it says on the tin and is bringing the blues in a big way.

Obviously no JS palette is complete without a couple of super-blendable neutral shades in there too, y'know, for when you want to tone down that cobalt blue shade slapped across your eyelid.

The packaging is the most major so far. Contained in a clutch like, baby blue box, Jeffree explained that he wanted the vibe to be a cross between a jewellery box and a coffin. Given that this was the first of SIX releases in 2019, Blue Blood put the star off to a strong start. Works for us.

Price: £52

Jawbreaker palette (June 2019)

While we're still mourning the loss of Thirsty, Jeffree has come through and given us the best invention, well...since. Jawbreaker is the ultimate rainbow palette and a total step up from Thirsty, with 24 of only the most bold shades, this is a game-changer for festival season.

It recently caused a stir when it was found a website was re-selling the sell-out product for a higher price point along with some other of the key launches, and mama, fans were not having it - and are still rallying together to get the site taken down.

Surprisingly, this was the first time a smaller version was also dropped, with Mini-Breaker, a nine-shade version of the palette was released alongside it - so you can play around at home AND on your travels. The catch? It only actually contains two shades from Jawbreaker, and the rest are brand new, unreleased colours. Fine, I guess we'll take both. Jeffree, you snake.


Jawbreaker: £54

Mini-breaker: £27

MORPHE release The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette (August 2019)

While we're still mourning the loss of Thirsty, Morphe have come through and released an ode to Jeffree in the only way they know how: a kick-ass palette packed with pigmented rainbow shades to rival the OG summer palette.

For beauty lovers seeking more pan-for-your-buck, the Artistry palette comes in at a respectable £35, around £13 cheaper than its counterparts, and contains considerably more shades with 30 mattes, shimmers and pressed pigments on offer. Fans appeared to lap it up ahead of its release, with 11,000 people on the waiting list to purchase it when Jeffree Star Cosmetics finally launched at Boots UK. *Heart eyes emoji*

Price: £35

Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy palette (November 2019)

This is the one every YouTuber fan has been waiting for. Two major forces collaborating in the name of makeup to create everybody's dream palette: Conspiracy.

YouTube sensation Shane Dawson hopped onto this collaboration with Jeffree, and we think it's fair to say they broke the internet. One million palettes were sold in under 30 minutes, and suppliers are still struggling to keep up with the demand, as it's been announced the palette will now be a permanent part of the collection following its success.

Each shade is named after something that Jeffree and Shane share a love of, including a bright yellow tone called "Food Videos", and each shade has an imprint according to its name, rather than the usual JSC logo.

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But of course, nothing is smooth sailing.

When the initial release happened, there were a lot of complaints that went viral, in particular, over people finding hairs in the product, and not only that, but when they tried to remove them, it destroyed the entire pan. Yikes.

After launching an investigation as to what had happened, Jeffree tweeted an apology saying: "the source of the fibres are from the cut ribbon sheets that were pressed into the product."

It seems he's taking the feedback pretty seriously, as there's not been any mention of it since, suggesting the problem was quickly fixed. We stan a business owner that listens to their customers.

Similarly to mini-breaker, there's also a mini version of Conspiracy named 'Mini Controversy' which contains the nine fan-favourite shades. A travel-sized edition? Yes, please!

The Conspiracy palette consists of 18 shades: Ranch, My Pills, TanaCon, Diet Root Beer, Just A Theory, Spiralling, Conspiracy, Pig-Ment, Food Videos, Trisha, Cheese Dust, Flaming Hot, What's The Tea?, Diet Cola, Not A Fact, Sleep Paralysis, Illuminatea, My Ride's Here.

Price: £54

What products can we expect from Jeffree Star in 2020?

The makeup phenomenon has already wasted no time in getting down to business in the new decade following his break-up with long term boyfriend Nate, and is celebrating the release of the long-awaited Blood Lust palette - a purple edition of the Blood Sugar and Blue Blood palettes we previously fell for.

Despite the hype around its release, fans have already been complaining about the lack of deep purple shades, which Jeffree took to Instagram Stories to address: "I didn’t want to go full dark goth," he explained. "I know some of you were maybe expecting that but if you want a crazy goth moment… get ready for the next palette after this one."

When is it available? From 21st February.

He's also hinted that his first totally nude palette is in the works and we can expect it later this year. Trendmood spotted a YouTube comment, which read: "But honestly if Jeffree made a nude palette everyone else could just go out of business it would be THAT good." In response, Jeffree said: "2020 IT'S COMING." Hold tight.