Jeffree Star says he's not on Tati Westbrook's PR list and everyone is shook

25 November 2019, 17:29

Jeffree revealed why he hasn't reviewed Tati's new palette in a new video where he reviewed Jaclyn Hill's new highlighter collection.

Trying to keep up with who is friends with who in the beauty community is almost a full time job. Allegiances and friendships move fast when it comes to our fave beauty gurus and now, fans think something is up between Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.

A few weeks ago, fans noticed that Jeffree had unfollowed Tati on both Twitter and Instagram ahead of the launch of Shane Dawson's documentary (and the start of their 7-hour long promo series for the Conspiracy collection.)

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Fans thought that the unfollow had something to do with Tati launching her first palette around the same time as Jeffree and Shane's launch but all of that is still currently speculation.

In a new video, Jeffree (who was in Bora Bora at the time) sat down to review Jaclyn Hill's new highlighter collection and also took the time to address why he was yet to review Tati's new (and now sold out) Textured Neutrals Palette Vol. 1.

Are Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook still friends?

Jeffree Star says he is not on Tati Westbrook's PR list
Jeffree Star says he is not on Tati Westbrook's PR list. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube, @jeffreestar via Twitter

After posting a poll on Twitter about whether or not he should review Jaclyn's new collection, Jeffree was inundated with replies about why he had yet to review Tati's palette.

In response to those requests, Jeffree threw a quick explanation into his new video: "So many of you that were like, 'Girl, why haven't you reviewed Tati Beauty?' Baby, I'm not on the PR list, I wasn't sent the palette and the palette is actually sold out. So, Tati, congratulations girl, you did that. Hopefully, when it's back, I can try it."

Needless to say, some people were a little gagged by that little nugget of information, particularly because everyone thought they were still somewhat friendly.

Jeffree and Tati have been friends for a while, appearing in each others videos as well as Tati reviewing Jeffree's products. Jeffree also appeared to side with Tati during the James Charles 'dramageddon' situation when he congratulated her on reaching various subscriber milestones as James' subscriber count fell. (He also inserted himself into the whole thing, after which he apologised for.)

Tati, Shane and Jeffree also shared their love for each other on Twitter back in April.

But being excluded/removed from or not being added to a PR list in the beauty community is a pretty big deal and fans are very confused about the whole sitch.

There's been no explanation from either Jeffree or Tati but Jeffree did congratulate her on the launch so there doesn't seem to be any drama or anything shady going on.

Both Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Tati Beauty had phenomenal sold out launches and it's clear that the two still respect each other – despite the unfollowings. Guess we'll just have to wait and see whether Jeffree gets his hands on the palette when the restock hits.