Fans are confused over Millie Bobby Brown's new Florence by Mills skincare video

11 September 2019, 15:42 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 10:19

People are commenting about how Millie's makeup remained in tact throughout the video.

In case you haven't heard, teen sensation, living legend and Emmy award nominated actress Millie Bobby Brown has just launched a new make up and skincare brand called Florence by Mills. A whole skincare line? At the age of 15? C'monnnn businesswoman!

The entire range, which took the Stranger Things star two years to develop, is vegan and features products that range from face washes and hydrating mists to blushes and glosses. Basically, it's everything a teenager would need to look and feel like their best selves.

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However, Millie's latest skincare routine tutorial video has left fans a little confused as it appears as though she doesn't actually use her products, unlike in her other videos that feature on the Florence by Mills Instagram page.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Millie has now explained that she was "replicating her personal process" in the video and understands the reaction to the video. She has also thanked fans for their feedback.

People are confused over Millie Bobby Brown's skincare video
People are confused over Millie Bobby Brown's skincare routine video. Picture: Florence by Mills via Instagram

Earlier this week, Florence by Mills uploaded Millie's "night time skincare routine" using various products from her new range. She used a face mist, a scrub, a face wash, a moisturiser and then a lip oil – in that order.

However, some fans in the comments are speculating that she 'faked' using the products because - much like Shay Mitchell and Kylie Jenner before her - her eye make up is still in tact after washing her face twice. (Maybe she just has a really really really waterproof eyeliner?!)

"shes literally not putting anything on her face sjkdjsdjas" commented one person, with another wondering: "Are you even applying anything after the mist? And all your makeup is still on so does this stuff actually do anything?"

Shortly after the comments started appearing under the Instagram video, it was taken down. It's still available to watch on a YouTube fan account and on Twitter.

While this particular video has confused a lot of people, there are several clips of a fresh faced Millie on the Florence by Mills Instagram account using and demonstrating the products clearly.

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A few days after the video caught the attention of Twitter and various beauty groups on Reddit, Millie responded to the speculation. Posting a statement to Instagram, she wrote:

"I'm still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space better - I'm not an expert. I thought doing a quick video replicating my personal process for that night was okay, but that's not what was conveyed. I understand, I appreciate all of your feedback on this journey, please keep sharing your thoughts and I will too!"

This post was edited to include Millie Bobby Brown's statement.