Jeffree Star confirms Shane Dawson Conspiracy restock is coming in March

29 January 2020, 15:05

By Katie Louise Smith

From the Conspiracy palette to the Shane Glossin' lip gloss, here's when Shane Dawson's Conspiracy collection will be restocked at Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Good news for all you Shane Dawson fans out there – Jeffree Star has now confirmed that the Conspiracy collection will be restocked in March 2020.

Back in November 2019, Shane launched the record-breaking Conspiracy collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics and managed to completely crash Shopify in the process. In total, over one million palettes were sold (Conspiracy and Mini Controversy combined) which, to put into context, is the equivalent of how many units Jeffree usually orders in the space of six to nine months.

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Because of the huge demand on release day, some fans were unable to get their hands on the items in the collection, but shortly after the drop Jeffree confirmed that a restock would be happening in early 2020. Now, we have more news.

Jeffree has now confirmed on Twitter that the restock is happening in March.

When does Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy collection restock?

Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy collection restocks in March 2020
Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy collection restocks in March 2020. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Speaking on Instagram back in November and explaining why the restock would take a while, Jeffree said: "When you print that many units it takes time. The makeup factory can only do so many shifts, make so many palettes per day so it takes a few months or more to manufacture."

He continued: "Since we've already created the palettes, the artwork, everything...creating it is already done. So now it's about getting the raw materials, getting the raw ingredients to make everything, getting the packaging done... Just trying to print it and get it all together.

"We will not have a full massive restock of every single item – I'm talking bags, mirrors, pig lip bundle, all the palettes at a very big volume – that cannot happen until 2020. Early 2020."

Neither Jeffree nor Shane have confirmed the exact date of the restock, nor have they revealed just how big the restock will be. But you can probably expect all the products – as well as the revised Mini Controversy palette featuring the green shade – to return.

Jeffree didn't tease any info about which other stockists will be getting restocked either so our advice is: Turn on Twitter notifications, sign up for updates from Morphe, Beauty Bay and other JSC approved retailers in your country...and move fast.

If this restock is like the launch, then it's gonna go fast.