13 weird beauty trends that ruined 2018

14 December 2018, 09:56 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 10:10

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What was everyone thinking?!

We had rainbow armpit hair in 2015, wasabi lip plumper in 2016 and even nose hair extensions in 2017, but it's been another year of even wilder beauty trends – will the industry ever stop? We've seen it all in 2018, from rainbow teeth (why?) to halo brows (seriously, why) and we have no doubt they'll be trumped in 2019.

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YouTubers, influencers and bloggers are all telling us what's hot but they make mistakes along the way. Thankfully, they kept us updated on social media which means we can ridicule them for years to come – yay! Now, it's time to look back at some of the wildest beauty trends 2018 brought us and let us pray we steer clear of them next year.

Woman putting on tooth polish/teeth nails/halo brows
These are some of 2018's wildest beauty trends. Picture: Instagram/@chromtoothpolish/@nail_sunny/@skyzhighlight

1) Rainbow teeth

When rainbow teeth brand, Chrom, created a nail polish for your teeth people weren't too sure how to react. Smashing the notion that pearly whites were what everyone wanted, Chrom made tooth paint in blues, pinks and even metallics, that stay put for 24 hours until you brush it off. Is it cute? No – but has that ever stopped people?

2) Glitter butts

Glitter was once reserved for Christmas and your primary school art class, but no longer. This year people have been applying it to their butts and boobs, and creating some NSFW designs. People started rocking this look at festivals but it's truly versatile. Halloween saw the birth of the pumpkin butt, while for Christmas we had the bauble butt. Naturally, people questioned the practicality of this trend and we don't have an answer for that one.

3) Fishtail brows

If Huda Beauty says it's right, then it's right, okay? Bringing fishtails to us mere mortals, the style involved concealing a small part of your eyebrow and creating an angled "tail" in a different direction. It got quite popular on Instagram and encouraged people to embrace their inner mermaid. Sadly, it just made everyone look kind of evil.

4) The water bottle curling tong

When Dyson dropped their pricey new curler, everyone was clambering to get their hands on one. But coming in at £400 not everyone could afford the Air Wrap, so they decided to use household items. Huda Beauty revealed a styling hack and all you needed was a plastic bottle and a hairdryer. However, this cheap and cheerful hack wasn't all it seemed. A lot of people were reporting that they ended up with a matted mess after the swirling motion knotted their hair. Oops.

5) Teeth nails

Sometimes having 32 teeth just isn't enough. Thank God for the tooth manicure which was horrifyingly practical if you're in desperate need of some extra gnashers. The manicure caught major attention this year for being the stuff of nightmares and it's pretty easy to see why.

6) Halo brows

Gone are the days that looking angelic would take a white dress and some wings. In 2018 we went bolder and even more ridiculous. Halo brows emerged at the beginning of the year when a 16-year-old makeup artist took inspiration from fishtail brows and it went viral. Not content with her brows looking odd enough, she decided to connect them and create a not-so-subtle halo on her forehead. Just why?

7) The live ant manicure

Nail Sunny caught a lot of heat for this design which was pretty cruel, tbh. The Russian nail brand trapped LIVE ants in a manicure and the internet lost it. Although the owner promised the ants were freed after they were used, animal activists hit out and claimed the ants would have suffocated. The brand also gave us snot nails and poo nails, so we can hardly be surprised. Please, no faecal matter or live animals in 2019.

8) Odd makeup removal

Now this was something straight out of a horror movie. Asian women started cranking up their makeup removal routines, peeling off false eyelashes and wiping away layers of makeup to reveal their real faces. Yeah, the videos were a slightly addictive watch but the transformations were truly terrifying.

9) Stormi Webster nails

Kylie Jenner welcoming her first child, Stormi, in February was big news in 2018. The reality star kept her entire pregnancy a secret before dropping an intimate YouTube video – the most watched this year – on the birth. Her fans went into meltdown over the news and it inspired some adorable (and a little creepy) nail designs.

10) Faux freckles with henna

Faux freckles have been all the rage this year but henna freckles are the perfect way to fake it a little more permanently. It doesn't always go to plan though, just ask YouTuber Naomi Jon, who ended up resembling Chucky after he'd finished with one of his victims.

11) DIY nose jobs

This Asian beauty trend truly exploded this year – and it's wild. It involved changing the shape of their noses with scar wax, a tool commonly used by visual FX artists for theatre and screen productions. With the wax, you can create scars and skin imperfections as well as mould your nose to change up its shape. What was jarring was watching them scrape off their nose and even their chin to reveal their real faces. Spooky.

12) Corkscrew nails

Sometimes you just want to crack open that bottle of wine but don't have a corkscrew – bummer. Well, no longer. This year we saw these funky corkscrew nails which fused creativity, beauty and practicality. First posted by nail product brand Kiara Sky, it actually took over Instagram and contributed to a spike in wine-related incidents. That's our excuse anyway…

13) Graphic hair

Tartan never goes out of style, but for your hair? We're not so sure. This Aussie hairdresser started making some graphic designs with various hair colours and people were feeling it... momentarily.

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