ASOS just removed an item after being accused of "profiting from black culture"

12 December 2018, 15:18 | Updated: 12 December 2018, 15:21

ASOS socks/Erica Mena screaming.
ASOS just removed an item after being accused of "profiting from black culture". Picture: ASOS/VH1
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"You love everything to do with blackness EXCEPT FOR actual black people."

People are putting ASOS on blast for selling socks with what they called a "roadman design". According to Urban Dictionary, a roadman is a young, tracksuit-wearing boy who hangs around and usually commits crime. The word was popularised by Black working class people. The black and white socks feature words taken from popular slang terms like "don't look so shook", "jokes" and "mandem".

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Fitness studio founder Kelechi Okafor branded the fashion giant "disgusting" for fetishising black communities without any engagement with them and dragged them on Twitter. She tweeted: "So @ASOS you’ve clearly gone mad. What the fuck is a 'roadman design'?? Why do you have people working for you who clearly don’t know what they’re talking about??! Do you even know what a roadman is??"

And it wasn't just Kelechi who was pissed about the design either.

Since the backlash, ASOS has removed the product.

A spokesperson for ASOS told "We are very sorry this product caused offence. We removed it from our site as soon as it was brought to our attention and will work with our team to address the naming issue."