ASOS reveal how you actually pronounce their name

20 March 2019, 17:51 | Updated: 20 March 2019, 18:20

Girl lying in ASOS bags.
You've been pronouncing ASOS wrong this whole time. Picture: Instagram:@asos
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Mind blown.

The art of proper pronunciation is tricker than you think. Queer Eye taught us there's actually more than one way to say squirrel (it's totally SK-WIR-RELL, btw). Now it's time to get to grips with ASOS.

The much-loved fashion brand – which actually stands for "As Seen On Screen" – has been knocking around since 2000 and still some of us don't know if it's ASS-OS, ACE-SOS, or AY-SOS. Well, mystery solved.

ASOS decided to reveal the truth with a little help from the viral unpopular opinion memes that have been sweeping the internet.

"#UnpopularOpinon It’s pronounced AY-SOS not A-S-O-S," they tweeted.

Tada, there you have it.


Of course, people were baffled. Sorry, your whole lives have been a lie.

If you think that's wild just wait until you find out how Spanish high-street brand Zara is pronounced. Back in 2016, it was discovered that the word is actually said "dzah-dah" because in the Northern Castilian dialect Zs are pronounced with a soft "th" sound, and Rs are closer to Ds.

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