People think Boohoo have "airbrushed" this model's crotch and WTF

5 February 2019, 15:33

Boohoo bodysuit/shocked Australia's Got Talent meme
Boohoo is selling this outrageous body suit. Picture: Boohoo/Channel 9
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Being incredibly uncomfortable is en vogue, clearly.

Fashion doesn't always have the consumers' comfort in mind and that's apparent. Just take a look at Fashion Nova's insanely high-cut bodysuit, or their weird AF cage trousers… just why? Now we have Boohoo, providing us with a bodysuit, which is bringing the front wedgie into style.

Boohoo's Basic V-Neck Ruched Front Thong bodysuit features a slightly plunging neckline and thong behind – but it's the front of the garment that has people on Twitter talking. Only an itty bitty piece of fabric is at the front, which is just not practical, logical or comfortable.

People were quick to point out how odd it looked down below, concluding the crotch area must have been "airbrushed".

The bodysuit is on sale for just £10, and comes in four colour ways – rust, black, denim-blue and white. And, shockingly, it's sold out in all sizes but a 14 – people who can actually bear the pain are true soldiers.


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