People are calling out Boohoo for labelling a size 8 as "large"

4 February 2019, 16:59

Boohoo trousers/Ariana Grande not happy
Boohoo have been branded "damaging" for labelling a size 8 as "large". Picture: Boohoo/Pinterest
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"No wonder so many of us girls and women end up with eating disorders and problems with our body image."

Boohoo have landed themselves in hot water with their customers after labelling a UK 8 (US 4) pair of trousers as "large". The British fashion brand have sparked backlash for their approach to sizing before, after people accused them of using "padding" on slim models to make them appear plus-sized.

The item in question are the Chain Trim Cargo Trousers, which have been modelled on a woman who is a UK 10. In the description, it states that a large is a size 8, a medium is a size 6 and a small is a size 4.

According to Boohoo's size guide, a UK 6-8 would have 25.5 - 26 inch waist, which people are saying is insanely petite to be considered a large. In fact, shoppers have accused this kind of labelling of being dangerous.

Other shoppers noted what affect this could have on people's self-esteem, while it also breeds confusion on what size to buy.

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