Cody Fern's "hoof" boots from the Golden Globes are now a 2019 trend

8 January 2019, 17:52

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

We know the Golden Globes were on Sunday night (Jan 6.) but we're still stanning some of the iconic looks from the evening.

From Timothée Chalamet's Golden Globes harness to the Fiji Water girl serving all kinds of… well, water, the Golden Globes red carpet was nothing short of iconic. But there was one look that deserves a special kind of mention.

Cody Fern just made these "hoof" boots a trend for 2019 and, as you can imagine, the internet has thoughts. The American Horror Story star rocked up to the event dripping in Maison Margiela. Sporting a black sheer shirt that showed off his shoulders, pleated trousers and a smokey eye executed better than most beauty YouTubers, Cody was clearly there to break necks. But his boots. HIS BOOTS.

Cody wore black boots that had a cleave down the middle, separating his toes, and making his feet resemble that of a goat's hoof. Yep, the strange trends haven't quite been left in 2018 and we can't promise they're ever going to stop. Sorry.

Everyone is losing it over Cody Fern&squot;s "hoof" boots at the Golden Globes.
Everyone is losing it over Cody Fern's "hoof" boots at the Golden Globes. Picture: Getty

These "Tabi" boots are the creation of French fashion house Maison Margiela and they’ve actually been knocking around for 30 years now. They were first designed for women but with a higher heel and inspired by Japanese tabi socks, which have a split-toe design to allow wearers to put on their sandals. So, if you're already wondering what sock you'd wear with these, they already exist.

The luxury brand dropped a men's version of the Tabi last year and now, with the help of Cody, everyone is talking about them. GQ are even predicting that they'll soon make their way down the fashion food chain. From the runway, to celebs, to the influencers and then to – gulp, brace yourselves – US.

Unsurprisingly, the Tabi boots were a huge talking point online. And although Cody slayed the look people weren't sure about resembling like a cloven-hoofed animal... or the Devil.

Sorry, you might not like it, but goat boots are coming for us in 2019 and you just can't stop it. And you can thank Cody Fern for that.