Dr Martens drops new mermaid-themed Iridescent Collection and you'll want it all

26 June 2019, 13:36 | Updated: 26 June 2019, 15:37

Dr Martens Iridescent Collection 1460 PASCAL.
Dr Martens Iridescent Collection 1460 PASCAL. Picture: Instagram:@drmartensofficial
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Because there's always space for another pair of Dr Martens in our lives.

Our love affair with Dr Martens started years ago and like many of us out there, our collection just keeps on growing. There are literally so many styles to choose from now and we're about to be blessed with some more. Yep, wave goodbye to your bank balance…

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Dr Martens is introducing their new "Iridescent Collection" and, trust us on this, you'll be obsessed. The iconic British brand has revealed four new styles which are available in two new iridescent colourways and they're giving us major mermaid vibes.

Holly Iridescent.
Holly Iridescent. Picture: Dr Martens
Molly Iridescent.
Molly Iridescent. Picture: Dr Martens

The new range comes in either a turquoise metallic effect, or a rose gold. They also feature a metallic sheen and "scales", which would be perfect for all your summer lewks.

The collection features the classic 1460 Pascal Iridescent (£139), which comes in the two colours, and the slightly chunkier Molly Iridescent (£169). If you're not into the boots, there's the Voss Iridescent sandal (£99) that is available in blue and the Holly Iridescent shoe (£149) that you can buy in pink. All of the styles have a chunky black sole which makes them perfect for wading through the mud and stomping to your favourite band throughout festival season.

1480 Pascal Iridescent.
1480 Pascal Iridescent. Picture: Dr Martens.
Voss Iridescent.
Voss Iridescent. Picture: Dr Martens.

Better yet, the footwear comes with matching shoe laces too, so you don't have to go on the hunt for perfectly co-ordinating laces – bring on summer!


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