Gucci are selling a pair of dirty trainers and they're ridiculously expensive

13 February 2019, 15:57

Gucci "dirty" trainers/Ariana Grande confused
Gucci are selling a pair of dirty trainers and they're ridiculously expensive. Picture: Gucci/Pinterest
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Haven't you heard? Filth is in.

Ever buy a pair of fresh, white trainers and spend the entire day avoiding dirt, mud and puddles? Well, no need to anymore. According to Gucci, dirty trainers are the future. The luxury fashion brand are now selling a pair of trainers that are deliberately grubby.

According to the product description, the Screener leather sneakers are inspired by vintage sportswear, for that, um, "distressed vintage feel". That's probably why they look like something you played PE in, and then forgot about, back in primary school.


Made in the finest Italian leather, the "white" battered trainers – which also come in blue – features Gucci's trademark red and green stripe running down the side, as well as their "G" monogram.

Oh, and the price? A steal at £615. It's okay, though, because if you'll remember Harry Styles wore them for his 2018 Gucci campaign, and if they're Harry-approved, who are we to argue, right?

Well, the internet had a lil' something to say.

Don't have the cash to splash out on these but want the same dirty effect? Well, it's certainly achievable. Simply grab a pair of white trainers and rough them up, smash the backs down and slather them in mud. Basically everything your parents told you not to do.

Voila, you're en vogue for 2019.