KFC and Crocs launch chicken-covered shoe collaboration

13 February 2020, 12:03

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs are a thing now and I'm so sorry.

Do you love chicken? Do you love shoes? If the answer to both questions is "YES" then we have the shoe for you. Introducing the KFC x Crocs collaboration that nightmares dreams are made of.

Look, we've all got to just accept that Crocs are a thing now. We've seen Ariana Grande rocking a pair, VSCO girls have been championing them since 2019 and Post Malone even has his own line with the controversial shoe brand. So, it was only a matter of time before another company collaborated with them.

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The collab was officially announced on Wednesday (12 Feb) alongside a promotional video, where we see a KFC worker "frying" the chicken-covered shoes. The design is everything you would expect from a KFC Croc too – there are printed chicken drumsticks all over them. However, the soles are red-and-white stripes, resembling their trademark fried chicken buckets.

The new KFC Crocs collab come with detachable fried chicken
The new KFC Crocs collab come with detachable fried chicken. Picture: KFC via YouTube

For added pizazz there's actually a chicken-scented drumstick Jibbitz (the detachable Croc charms) attached to them. So, if you see a dog snapping at your heels, you know why. Sadly, the Jibbitz are not for human consumption.

There's also a platform version for added height. You know what they say, the higher the heel, the closer to Colonel Sanders.

The KFC collab has two styles
The KFC collab has two styles. Picture: KFC via YouTube

If you're thinking of snapping these up for your KFC-obsessed loved one in time for Valentine's Day, there's some bad news. The KFC Crocs are not available to purchase just yet and won't be available until Spring 2020. However, they will come in unisex sizes and they'll retail for $59.99.

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