PrettyLittleThing is selling a bikini that can't actually be worn in water

17 May 2019, 15:31 | Updated: 17 May 2019, 16:46

PrettyLittleThing bikini/in sink
PrettyLittleThing is selling a bikini that can't actually be worn in water. Picture: PrettyLittleThing/Twitter:@princrastinate
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

So swimwear isn't actually for… swimming?

From our understanding, swimwear can be worn in the pool, at the beach or in the sea. But, PrettyLittleThing's definition is a little different. The fashion brand has been called out for selling a bikini suitable only for "poolside posing".

The issue was spotted by a Twitter user name Alisha, who delivered a warning to anyone stupidly thinking of buying the "Teal Triangle Sequin Tassel Bikini" to swim in. Erm, is a bikini you can't swim in not just... underwear!?

"Be cautious when buying SWIMwear from @OfficialPLT this summer because it’s only for 'poolside posing' and they’ll still charge you £60 a set, absolutely laughable," she tweeted, alongside screenshots of what had happened.

In one image, Alisha complained about the dye in her bikini running to PrettyLittleThing, who told her that the item "shouldn't be worn in water". Another then showed how the product description of the bikini read: "Poolside posing only." Yep, swimsuits are made strictly for Instagram photos now. Apparently we didn't get that memo.

The final two images showed the bikini submerged in water and how the dye had leaked, turning the water teal.

The product description reads: "Make a bold statement at the poolside in this bikini top. Featuring a teal material with sequin detailing, a halterneck design and tie fastenings, we are obsessed. Team this with the matching bikini bottoms and sarong for a combo we are loving," while in the care section, PrettyLittleThing warned "colour may transfer."

The tweet quickly went viral and Alisha was eventually given a full refund as well as a discount code.


The bikini set retails for £50, so it's hardly a steal. And as you can imagine, everyone had something to say about this.

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