14 Throwback Jewellery Trends Every '00s Girl Was Once Obsessed With

6 December 2016, 15:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Black shag bands up to your elbows. Iconic.

No matter what clique you identified with at school, everyone always ended up wearing the EXACT same jewellery. From the jelly bracelets to the Best Friend necklaces, here are all the nostalgic jewellery trends we once wore. Check 'em off as you go and let us know how many you actually rocked. #PicsOrItDidntHappen

1) Anything that had a peace sign on it... or a yellow smiley face.

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Every girl worth her salts attempted the hippy chic vibe once or twice as a pre-teen. Even for the most emo amongst us, there was something about that yellow smiley face that screamed, "Yes. I am the most edgy 12-year-old you've ever seen. Now stop talking to me."

2) Power Beads!!1!


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Each colour was *supposed* to represent a different healing power but let's get real, that green one we insisted on wearing never did increase our teenage wealth, did it? What a rip off.

3) Jelly wrist bands in every colour - preferably black.


Accompanying our many Power Bead bracelets were the iconic shag bands. You could always identify how deep a person was into the Pop Punk lifestyle by how many of these babies they had on their arm.

4) Dolphin charms attached to black rubber necklaces. Double points if you had a dragonfly one too.

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The ultimate fashion statement. Must be attached to a chic black choker or it doesn't count. Seriously, why were we all so obsessed with dolphin jewellery? 

5) Pukka Shell necklaces - the ultimate summer holiday accessory.

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No holiday was ever complete without a Pukka shell necklace. You had them, all your guy friends had them and you could always tell who exactly had gone on holiday over the summer 'cause everyone made sure that it could be seen over their school clothes.  

6) Necklaces with tiny tiny grains of rice in them.

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OMGGGG. Whatever happened to Rice Grain Necklaces? Writing so tiny even Stuart Little couldn't handle it! You only ever bought these back from your holidays for your closest and truest BFFs.

7) Chic AF Yin and Yang jewellery.

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Would still wear today. 'Nuff said. 

8) A nameplate necklace.

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Y'know... just incase you ever forgot your name or something. Thanks Carrie Bradshaw!

9) Actual nail piercings.

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Hands up if you ever tried to grow out a nail just so you could pierce it. Hands up if you failed every single time.

10) Different style clip-on nose rings, one for every day of the week.


If you never bought a clip-on skull nose ring with your pocket money, did your emo phase ever really happen? 

11) Multicoloured Alien Rings, one for every finger.

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How the alien themed jewellery trends haven't come back into fashion is completely beyond us.



And may we never speak of this trend again.

12) Crystal pendants on long ass chains.

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Ohh yes - our witchy phase! If you ever stepped foot in a Hot Topic, we can guarantee you probably ended up buying at least 4 of these at some point in your life. And of all the trends on this list, we're so glad this was the one that decided to make a fully fledged 2016 comeback.

13) Grunge-tastic Friendship Necklaces

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There were two types of BFFS - the ones who bought their Best Friend Necklaces from actual jewellery stores and the ones that lived the dream at Claire's Accessories. The grungier the better, in our opinion.

14) Those goddamn yellow Livestrong bracelets.

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The ultimate status symbol. If you had a fake one of these then you may as well have just quit there and then. Living the Charitable Statement Wristband lifestyle was hard work, every week there was a new one to buy before it sold out. Fashion is not meant to be that stressful, ya know.