18 "AHS" Halloween Costumes That’ll Help You Murder The Competition

5 October 2016, 15:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

American Horror Story Halloween Costumes
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

There can only be one Supreme...

Finding the perfect halloween outfit can be the most stressful thing you'll do all year. Yeah, that's right, more stressful than revising for all those end of year exams. It's a serious time of year, is ol' Halloween. Luckily for you, we've been scouring the internet to bring you the finest, spookiest inspirations for all your costume needs.  

And today, the category is... American Horror Story realness! 

1) Tate Langdon from Murder House

via shredingercat.tumblr.com

What is a Halloween without a little skeleton face paint? Ditch the fake gun though, you're gonna need both hands for all those eggs you're gonna be throwing at your rival trick or treaters.

2) Tate and Violet from Murder House


A photo posted by Courtney Rae (@courtneyrae.xxvi) onOct 31, 2014 at 5:07pm PDT


Calling all couples: we've found you the perfect spooky couple fancy dress. Thank us later!

3) The scary nun from the Asylum promos

via cool-and-calm.tumblr.com

If you wanna go FULL spook this Halloween, nothing would be scarier than seeing this stood perfectly still on the street or in the middle of a dance floor at a house party.

4) Sister Mary Eunice from Asylum


Put the all black contact lenses in when the clock strikes midnight for full effect.

5) Fiona Goode from Coven

via nerdbutpro.deviantart.com


6) Misty Day from Coven




7) Actual Coven Squad Goals

via pinterest.com

Squad goals on FLEEEEEEEK.

8) Myrtle Snow from Coven


A photo posted by Greg Buckheit (@gregbuckheit) onOct 31, 2014 at 11:46pm PDT


Stay away from fire and keep your Balenciaga tote bags close to your person at times. 

9) Papa Legba from Coven

via iwuzlykedamn.tumblr.com


10) Madison Montgomery from Coven


A photo posted by Veronica Paniccia (@vronniep) onOct 2, 2016 at 10:59am PDT


Ugh, why is Coven so good at providing the most iconic - and simplest - costumes for Halloween? Surprise bitch, I'll see you on the dance floor wearing this outfit. 

11) Twisty The Clown from Freak Show

via idantheman.tumblr.com

Ok, if I saw this one a night out I would run home and never leave the house again.

12) Bette and Dot with Twisty from Freak Show

via pinterest.com

If you're ok with tilting your head to the side all night, then this one is DEFINITELY for you!

13) Dandy Mott from Freak Show

via santeremil.tumblr.com

Ok, so technically all you need for this outfit is a crappy clown suit and a Twisty the Clown face mask. Sorted!

14) Ethel the Bearded Lady from Freak Show

via saltlakecomiccon.tumblr.com

We are not worthy of this cosplay. Wow.

15) Hypodermic Sally from Hotel

via fashionblygeek.com

Give. me. that. leopard. print. coat. now. 

16) The Countess from Hotel

via gagadaily.com

Things you'll need: Fake blood, one bedazzled glove and three children willing to play along with the madness.

17) The actual kids from Hotel


A photo posted by rfgertz (@rfgertz) onOct 25, 2015 at 6:22am PDT


Actually, you can just be the creepy kids yourselves. That way, the squad will 100% get away with doing a spot of trick or treating. 

18) Or, you know... if you can't be bothered to put in any effort, there's always this:

via pinterest.com

Header image via shredingercat/cool-and-calm/Renee Cole via theladygagaexperience.com

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