8 knockoff Halloween costumes that are hilariously tragic

23 October 2018, 17:26

Nene Leakes/Hermione Granger costume
Nene Leakes/Hermione Granger costume. Picture: @the_doria
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Because not everyone can get the real deal we suppose...

Now that Halloween is in touching distance – eek! – it's time to think about your show-stopping outfit. But not everyone wants to look like your standard ghost or ghoul.

Naturally we look to our favourite celeb, movie character or influencer – yep, that's a costume this year. A "sexy" Meghan Markle Halloween costume is even on sale, sans baby bump.

However, not everyone wants to shell out on the real McCoy. There's some spectacular Halloween knockoffs out there – and by spectacular we mean utterly tragic.

From "Hermany Grinder" to "A-lad-in a costume", Twitter user @DanaSchwartzzz treated everyone to an astounding thread of some of the worst Halloween copies people on the internet have discovered and trust us, they're awful.

So if you're lacking inspiration, here are some fabulous costumes for you to try at your own risk.

It all started with this "Notionless" costume.

A friend of "Harrie Pooter" we believe...

Beetlejuice is shaaaaking.

There are just no words.

They didn't even bother with a W name for this one.

So close yet so far...

From the fifth Hunger Games movie we all missed.

Well, it's accurate at least.

So which one takes your fancy? Let us know @popbuzz.